Hyssop is a plant with small blue flowers that grows close to the ground. It is the plant that grows out of the wailing wall in Jerusalem as seen on the Cassette cover. There are many scriptures that mention the hyssop plant. For instance, in John 19:29, Jesus was given wine from a sponge set on a hyssop branch as He hung on the cross.

HYSSOP is also the name of this Annointed Christian trio. HYSSOP's prayer is that the Lord would speak His prophetic word through every note and word sung and that these songs would draw all who hear into a greater understanding of The Almighty.

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track listing:
To Have Eyes To See   .wav   RealAudio
Psalm 91
Baruch Habba
How I Love To Worship Jesus
Apple Of My Eye   .wav   RealAudio
Holy Lord God Almighty
He Called Us Together
The Goodnes Of The Lord

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