A touch of class describes the cool, society-jazz sounds of the Generation Gap, a unique quartet composed of two fathers and two sons.

Over forty years ago, Larry Troise and Frank Capek first performed together.At the time, they were living in New Jersey and in high school. Shortly afterward, military commitments caused them to separate for the first time. However, neither lost touch with their basic love of music. While stationed in Korea, Larry played for the Army's Special Services. At the same time, Frank was with the Marine Corps Band.

In 1991, Larry and Frank rekindled their music flame. To add new depth, they invited their sons to join them. Thus the Generation Gap was born. Since then, the group has been enchanting fans all over the Florida jazz scene. The Gap performs at all the Florida hot spots; in fact, a seafarer with good timing, can sail right in to catch the Gap performing at the Palm Coast or Flagler Beach Yacht Clubs.

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track listing:
Blues For L.T.   .wav   RealAudio
Carribean Sunset
Blue Rio
Just A little Funk
Snack Pack
It's Time Again
Bridgin' The Gap   .wav   RealAudio

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