We would like to introduce you to Brian Dodge. Brian is a versatile musician who began his sonic quest in 1974. He has since played in several Rock bands, in school and while in the Air Force. Recently he has been a member of the Sweetwater Church of the Valley worship team; as a writer, lead singer and lead guitar player for the touring group, Sweetwater Revival.

Brian has been focusing on Instrumental Music for the last two years, recording in his home digital studio. His first instrumental album, Indian Summer, covers a wide range of tunes, from groovy to soothing jazz-flavored compositions. Check out the sample tracks, Night Run and Serenity, available for download below.

You can email Brian Dodge at:

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track listing:
Indian Summer
Serenity   RealAudio   .wav
Night Run   RealAudio   .wav
Midnight Cruise
Rainy Daze
You and I
Desert Dream
Show Me Spring
Autumn Breeze
Sand Castles
Snow Jogging
Jamaican Winter


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